Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Adventures

Wow, this week definitely got away from me. It's been a chill and busy week--I'll just tell you that much. Lots of sunshine and outdoors activities. 
Over the weekend we went to one of our dear friends' wedding receptions and had a wonderful time. The bride and groom were beautiful and the reception did them justice. 
Here's a blurry picture for your viewing pleasure--and an awkward candid shot. Love you too, hunny :)

I can't even believe it, but we started Jude on rice cereal last night. At first it was pretty sad. Then he got the hang of it. This morning he downed it like a champ--it seriously took him 5 minutes. I foresee my grocery bill doubling in the near future. 
The following videos are how it went down last night. Try not to get emotional. 


  1. oh my gosh, i actually did get a little emotional watching jude eat! i think b/c it was making me sad knowing we'll be feeding everton rice cereal soon! jude is seriously so handsome. esp while slurping up rice cereal.

  2. what a little champ! his giggles in video #1 kill me :) and video #2 was all too familiar...Brooks was not a fan of rice cereal. and i LOVED how in video #3 you were each holding one of his hands! I was going to suggest giving him a spoon for each hand (sometimes I still do that for Brooks if it's going to be too messy;) but I think you guys used the perfect method :) He's growing up so fast!!


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