Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Things of the Day

Hi, Adam and Britney here. 
Today's been a busy day. This is what we did:
1. Jude and Mom went with Nana, Uncle Nick and some of his friends to Merwin Lake. Jude thought he was cool hanging out with the big kids. They all posed for a picture (which I currently do not possess) with ring pops in their mouths while Jude sucked on his binky. 
2. Adam went to work all day.
3. Adam wore a purple ("Don't say purple, it's burgundy") beanie today. 
4. Adam called me a punk, as if that would hurt my feelings. 
5. Adam and Britney ate a chocolate cupcake each. Britney wanted to split another cupcake. Adam said no. Adam split a cupcake and gave Britney one half, leaving the other half by himself (herself?). Twenty-minutes later, Adam ate the lonely cupcake half. He said it was staring at him and he didn't want to be rude. 
6. Adam took the bus today with a crazy man who told his girlfriend to forget her reality and believe him because everything he says is "truth. If I say this tree is fake, then it's fake." Sure thing, buddy. 
7. One of Adam's friends saw a lady walking with a cat on her head. 
8. We had taco salad for dinner at Adam's parents'. Adam's Mom doesn't know what her PayPal information is or the answers to any of her security questions. "Is my favorite restaurant Applebees or Beaches...or it could be Sushi Chiyo?"
9. Britney wore a side-ponytail today. 
10. Britney's black halter swimsuit doesn't have enough frontal support. 
11. Britney's leg hair grows back when it encounters cold lake water. 
12. If Adam has lost 1 lb. by tomorrow he gets boysenberry cobbler AND blueberry waffles this weekend. See my strategy? You eat good for 5 days, you get 2 days to be a fat kid.
13. Britney's chocolate cravings showed up at 9AM this morning. Needless to say, the semi-sweet chocolate bag is empty--and still in the cupboard. 
14. Jude slept a lot today due to getting shots yesterday.
15. Jude's a pansy in cold water. 
16. Jude is 4 months and 18 lbs. 
17. Our gas light lit up on our way back from dinner. Guess we're not going anywhere this weekend. 
18. Adam sold 2 prints today. Go to his shop here.
19. We're really bad at returning Redbox movies. 
20. We're going to sit down and watch something on Netflix. 


  1. LOVE this :) Lake trip, burgundy beanies, cupcakes, bus-riding crazies, doctor check-up for your little man, chocolate chips for breakfast, and movie favorite parts of your very eventful day :)

  2. You guys are so cute together! I love your blog! Cute stuff!


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