Monday, August 22, 2011

On Saturday

...we went for a long overdue shopping trip to Portland. 

Don't mind the cut-off baby. We look better anyway. 

We stopped at this place called Buffalo Exchange first. It's a consignment store where you can buy, trade, and/or sell barely used clothes. IT IS SO AWESOME. I kind of went nuts, but only ended up getting a skirt and a pair of skinny capri trousers. Which I am in love with. I will model these sometime soon. 
Afterwards, we stopped at Adam's work to grab a soda and use the that order.
Daddy's desk :)

Our last trip was to Gap where I got this blazer for $40, when it's for sale online for $80. Not even kidding, I started having palpitations when I put this blazer on. It's everything I've ever wanted and the fit is PERFECT. And there was only one. Which means it must have been for me.

Afterwards, we came home, stripped, and tried to endure the sweltering heat while eating Otterpops and watching Newsies. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Otterpops are how we are surviving too! We went to a picnic and watched some sweet dancers and then got blizzards and watched a movie, with the fan blowing right on us!

  2. Weekends NEVER last long enough! (ps. I always have sweating problems) Portland is great, shopping is great and BUFFALO EXCHANGE? the best. Remind me to tell you a GREAT story about that place.

  3. mission fantastic weekend: accomplished

    sounds like you guys had a great weekend! :) oh buffalo exchange, how i miss you!! How did I not go last time I was there?? maybe next time we're in town, we could go together!? :) And *cheers* to the perfect item (that blazer in your case) being on super sale, and only one left...totally ment to be. Can't wait for you to model that awesome purchase and your buffalo finds!


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