Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something Was Funny

We shot a couple of videos tonight while Jude was in a good mood before going to bed.
Haha I love it when he's so giggly. 
He never did his full out giggle--but these videos still make me laugh, and hopefully they make you laugh too :). Ugh..I have such a wonderful little boy.


  1. These videos are precious! Jude is so cute. My primary reason to have a baby now is to make it laugh.

  2. HA!! loved them all! Brooks and i thoroughly enjoyed all 3 :)

    the first one...had me smiling when Jude got hiccups and lost his breath :)

    the second one...made me think of when i'd totally include baby brooks (when he was a little guy like Jude) in my workouts! just like adam...sit-ups into chest presses with Little B. gave me a good workout and the babe a fun ride!

    the third one...totally made Brooks laugh! apparently Brooks thinks you're pretty hilarious Britney :) and he and i both agree we need to see you & jude soon. That idea of yours to take a trip to california for some pink berry sounds beyond fantastic.


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