Friday, August 26, 2011

This Is Getting a Little Out of Hand

...did my kid seriously just turn 5 months yesterday? Honestly, why are the months flying by? 
Is it because I'm lazy watching Grey's Anatomy and not getting dressed until a half an hour before Adam comes everyday? 
It is because it's summer and summer always seems to end too soon? 
Is it because I'm a mom and moms always say that? 
Anyway, whatever it is, I hate/love it. Hate it because my little boy is starting to look like a little man, and love it because he's more fun each day. 
Wow, I totally sound like a mom.
We went out for dinner yesterday. Can you guess where?
Lucky guess. We never do that. 

he's just started doing this old man face. haha cute kid. 

If he turns 6 months anytime soon I might freak out.


  1. Britt! This makes me so excited to have my little one here! :) Hope you are doin good!

  2. I know how you feel girl!! we want our little babies to grow into boys and men...but not. so. quickly. *sigh* Thank goodness for cameras to get photos and video so that we can reminisce on "the good ol' days"! Your little Jude somehow manages to get cuter and CUTER as time goes on =) those last two pictures of you & Adam looking at your boy are to die for! what a happy little guy you two have :) and yay for the old man face! hahaHA! love those big eyes and little sucked-in-lips ;)


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