Monday, August 8, 2011

Over the Weekend

Good news!--our camera's battery charger has been replaced and we're back documenting our life with the little guy.
Here's what we've been up to:
1. Saturday morning we woke up and went for a run at 9AM to a local bakery. Seriously, best. motivating. factor. ever. 
Like Adam's t-shirt? You should. He designed it. 

mmmmm we got a cheddar and bacon biscuit and some kind
of blueberry coffee cake. Marvelous. 

Jude came too, and in the closest thing he has to a tracksuit.
Where did it all go?
Maybe you'll get some next time, my love. 
2. We went to Merwin Lake. And it was freezing. And mom decided
makeup was optional. 
Sleepy face. 

Discovering grass. 
Eating grass.  

It almost looks like he has a diaper wedgie.
That's a big bootie. 
3. Jude has also discovered faces. He likes to touch them, claw at them, and
suck on noses.

Here's a super insignificant video of my two boys hanging out yesterday. Now that the camera's back in commission you can see the little guy in action. Please excuse the side-ways view. I keep forgetting it's a video and not a photo. Easily solved by tilting your head. 


  1. taking a run to a bakery...definitley agree that is THEE BEST motivation :) And i'm totally digging jude's "tracksuit" ;)

    sounds like you had a great weekend :) and i'm glad your camera is back to ship-shape condition!


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