Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Will Remember This When You're 15

It's 7AM and my child has been awake since 6. 
Dad's in bed, mom's on baby duty. 
The rest of the world is snoozing, dreaming about rainbows and green meadows and how wonderful breakfast is going to be at 9 or 10AM--yet here I sit: blood-shot eyes, scary bedhead, and cloudy vision, day-dreaming about cruel ways I can wake him up when he's 15, while the little monster repeatedly bangs his head into the sliding door because he doesn't understand it's in between him and the cracking dawn. 
I love you, kid, but you're killing me. 


  1. I was up too, you should have called, and we could have planned on was to mess with them when they're 15 together. Bummer.

  2. Ashlyn has been screaming and crying at me all afternoon, im losing my mind! Some days i just need a break! And then she laughs or smiles at me and I feel better :)

  3. Haha! You have such a way with words :) looks like you've got an early bird on your hands ;) hope he sleeps in tomorrow!! And oh goodness...I love that you were thinking of way to wake him...using water guns is brilliant (being able to shoot from long distances makes it harder for them to retaliate. Yes.) And growing up my parents did it the ghetto way...had a cup of water they'd dip their hand into then flick water on us. Ha!!

    And how awesome that you play for the primary! I'm sure they love having your spunky self in there :) and you must get plenty of entertainment from those cute kiddos :)


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