Thursday, January 5, 2012

9 Months and Still Irresistible

Today was Jude's 9 month check-up. This is bananas. Buh-na-nas. I'm starting to feel older. The other night I had a dream that it was a year from now and Jude was turning 2 in three-months and I was freaking out that I couldn't even remember what had happened over the past year. And then I saw my life, and the youth of my children, flash before my eyes. This is a beast. A big, cruel, snarl-toothed, pitiless blaggard of a beast that obviously doesn't have children. 
Anyway..we scored some major favoritism points with Jude's pediatrician today--our kid just couldn't have been more cute, friendly, or outgoing. He especially couldn't get over how fun the plastic cups were that Dr. C. gave him to play with. 
I'm done buying him toys. 
Adam wasn't feeling well at work today, so on our way over to the appointment we picked up daddy and he got to come...and so did rubber ducky :). 

I also realized that, due to a combination of rain, laziness, recovering from night-shifts, bracing for the start of a new semester, and Jude not feeling well for a day-or-two, Jude and I hadn't stepped foot in the great outdoors since Sunday. My bad. So we hesitated going back into our place upon our arrival home, if just for a minute. 
Next time we see the good doctor he'll be a whole year old. What the #@$!. 


  1. I know what you mean about not leaving the house...this happens to me all the time, and then it makes me feel like a terrible mom that traps her kid indoors and never takes him on nice walks. Then I remember that I live in the Northwest and that it's raining and I don't feel so bad at all.

  2. cups... excellent money saver:-) what a cutie he is!


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