Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Rockin' New Years Eve

Happy 2012, everyone!!! 
Holy moley, for some reason, I am REALLY excited about this new year. 
A whole new year to: 
watch my little boy grow. 
love on my gorgeous man and buy him sexy clothes. 
be a nurse and learn how to better take care of people while I finish my undergrad. 
save money for a house :)
work on my fitness like Fergie. 
eat sushi.
Last night we rang in the new year with a bang--a cool, low-key, kid-with-a-toy-gun bang--with a night of sushi, games, Friends, junk food, and the Times Square ball drop, all with great, great friends. 
There was lots of squirrely laughter, games, snacking, kisses and cuddling, hilarious youtube videos, and of course, the ever present uncomfortable innuendoes. 
My kind of a night. 
p.s. Don't tell me your resolutions. It's like telling someone your birthday wishes--once it's out in the open, it never works out. 
Kind of like adding paprika to a dish and hoping it evokes some kind of tongue sensation. 
It's just fairy dust, people. 

Once again--Happy New Year! 
The Stevens family wishes you a successful, blessed, peaceful and joyful 2012! 

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  1. Happy 2012 to you too! Look like you guys had a fabulous New Years with great people. I don't know Mary or Phil's spouses, but they've got to be awesome people to have snagged them :) What a fun night!!! and sushi, as we both know, takes everything up a few notches :)

    and your thing about the resolutions and paprika cracked me up! :)


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