Sunday, January 29, 2012

Over the Weekend

Over the weekend we celebrated Chinese New Year (since Adam's brother, Nick, is a 1/4 Filipino, so why not?) and our brother-in-law Chad's acceptance into physical therapy school (!!!!!!!). Other than that, we snuggled. 
Each weekend seems to go by so fast and then we start another busy week, but we're grateful for these moments we can capture together :)
This week: Our BFFS ^billionth-degree, Grant and Natalie, are coming for a visit! 
You can definitely anticipate some junk food binging and bum pinching--cuz my bff is definitely just a sista-from-annatha-motha. 


  1. I'm ready to get fatter. I should be waddling by the time I leave.

  2. yay for so many things to celebrate. your little family is just perfect!
    and yes, the weekends go by too fast!
    xo TJ

  3. I love the Stevens clannnn!! I always LOVED going to the annual chinese new year party... i'm always sad to miss it!

  4. Love this tradition! Sad to be too far away and miss it!

  5. what a stellar weekend!! foreign holiday celebrations, fam, friends, foooooood, and snuggles. you guys do it right :)

    oh, and your skirt in that first adorable picture of you & Adam...LOVE it :)


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