Monday, January 16, 2012

What does the Pillsberry Doughboy have between his legs?

..easy. Donuts. 
And in honor of our bed frame that was damaged in the move FINALLY being repaired and assembled, we celebrated our ascent from sleeping on the ground by making donuts and eating them in bed. 
I can't think of a better combination: bed + man + donuts. Endless possibilities right there. 

Speaking of endless possibilities, Jude-man couldn't stay up to have donuts, but he was uber cute during bath time tonight. Adam's been having lots of fun quoffing Jude's rather long and mullet-like mane. Maybe we should cut it. Or keep it long so even more people can think that he looks like a girl in his bow tie


  1. You MADE donuts? What was the outcome and how difficult was it?

  2. haHA ;) donuts.

    and you made them!? right on girl! your equation of bed + man + donuts sounds awesome...i just may follow your lead tonight!

  3. oh and jude's cuteness is over the top. there's not much better than a sweet, soapy baby...except homemade donuts afterward :)


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