Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

hmmm..I want to say this week has been really busy. 
It's actually the opposite--this week has been pretty uneventful. 
Aside from a night of girl-time with the always lovely Jessica Goodwin, and our broken thermostat which has made uncovering my neck place me on the verge of tears every morning, I've got to say, it's been a little boring. 
But, there's always something awkward to write about. And here it is: 

-The moment you bite into something you thought was something else, but totally wasn't, and then realizing that it just had to also be disgusting, and hoping no one's watching while you grimace as drool simultaneously escapes out of the corners of your mouth. Hey Jude, can I borrow your bib? 
-Sending a text to someone who is not my husband and having auto-correct change my message from "Just a sec" to "Just a sex." Couldn't have sent "sec" with an asterisk any sooner. 
-Complementing Jude's pediatrician on his ever-fabulous hair and having him explain in detail how he uses lotion to style his rather Gaston-like quaff. 
-Being in conversation with someone who looks my age as they confess, "Yeah, I mean.. come on.. it's not like I'm 22 and would do something like that...", and trying really, really hard not to look 23. 
-Noticing our electric bill to be awfully high, and when calling the electric company having them ask, "Wow, you know I'm seeing a spike in your use on Thursdays. What are you guys doing on Thursdays?" Oh, you know--bringing in about 5 extra refrigerators, each full of different flavors of cheesecake, turning up the heat and plugging in a massage chair while I sit on my butt all day eating until I fall asleep. Come on man, seriously, how the heck am I supposed to know?
-Being in a small room with a person with a very loud, unnecessarily exaggerated laugh. Come on, lady, it wasn't that funny. And no one wants to see your fillings. 
-Having Adam comment in a room full of friends, "Oh, yeah I've been doing that since I was a feces." Good one, love. 
- Waking up with Jude in the middle of us and Adam thanking me for getting up to get him in the middle of the night. Uhhh..hunny? That wasn't me. That was you. And then having us sit for half an hour until we both confess that we have no idea how Jude ended up in bed with us. 
-I've recently changed my Pandora station to Carla Bruni and now listen to French music all day. It makes me feel exotic. And sexy. 
-I just found a new favorite herbal tea blend that I am currently sipping on. mmmmm I feel even more European...
-My mom AND sisters are coming out for Jude's first birthday!--and staying for a little while too! 
-I have successfully cooked a full-out meal every single day this week!--and every new recipe is a hit! 
-Thanks to our friends who lent us their space heater, everyone in this house got a full night of sleep last night! 
-sX1Q1W2zas12222222--Jude says hi! 

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here, loves!


  1. Thank you for sharing my awkward moment without my consent.

  2. i love your a&a's!! :)
    -The food trickery...has happened to me too many times to count.
    - *sec...hahaha! love it.
    - Please, please tell me you told your electric company that awesome scenario about the fridges...if it were true, I'd be on a plane to your place right now to enjoy in that cheesecake fest ;)
    - French awesome is that?
    - And I'm so happy for you to have your mom & sisters in town for Jude's 1st birthday! :)

  3. You MUST share some recipes because I am totally lost on recipes to make ha.

  4. this whole list is purely amazing. most especially baby saying hey. :)


  5. Love the blog hun! Happy to be your newest follower <3

    Can't wait to read more!

    Visit sometime, and follow back ?



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