Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wednesday Wishes!

Wishing for pretty dresses and yummy Valentine's Day treats this Wednesday. 
Although, I suppose eating too many treats makes wearing pretty dresses a little uncomfortable.
But oh-so worth it :) 
Both dresses from Asos.com


  1. Yummy I wish I wasn't still sick so I could have some cake!

  2. haha. yummy treats are soooo worth it:-) I just get a dress with a little extra stretch for any food baby! good to go! xoxo

  3. Those cookies are AMAZING!! Wish I was talented enough to make those that pretty!

  4. so adorable! and i love the heart cake. perfect!
    xo TJ

  5. goodness i love your wishes! i was able to enjoy some sugar cookies today (not nearly as gorgeous as those!) but now I'm wishing for a huge slice of that adorable cake and a biiiiiiiig glass of milk.

    and those dresses are fan-tastic.


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