Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bagels For Breakfast

Adam had off work yesterday, and like the amazing man he is, he went and picked us up some bagels for breakfast :). And mmmmmm were they good. We found a pretty legit place only about 2 miles from us--enough distance to ride our bikes to...(yeah, sure). 
We got a chocolate chip bagel with Oregon-berry cream cheese and a nob hill bagel (basically an everything with cheese) with vegetable cream cheese. 
Wow. Amazing. 
Jude just had some cheerios and stole a couple licks of cream cheese. 
Thanks, baby. I'll give you an A++ for providing today--you glorious man.


  1. Hey where did you go for bagels? If you think that's a bad way to start the year, Phil surprised me with a half dozen donuts when I woke up.

    Donut Land has the best donuts... I want to know about this bagel place.

  2. oh that sounds goooo-o-ood :) I may have to follow your Adam's lead and pick up bagels to bring to my Adam at work tomorrow! And veggie cream cheese on an everything bagel??? YUM.


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