Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July

Obviously it's been a little while since the 4th, but I wanted to do this post justice. We had such a great 4th in Rexburg this year! We spent it with beloved friends and family and I will definitely look back to this day as one with great memories. 
We spent the day hanging out together, fighting for brats in the grocery store, getting Mexican food at the taco bus, bbq-ing by the duck pond, and watching fireworks at the park.  And, yes, we over-ate. But there's something oddly patriotic about that right? How much more American can eating a steak, chicken breast, brat, and hamburger be? 
Please excuse the massive picture overload. I just had such a hard time leaving some of these out!
Jude's 4th of July outfit! c/o Aunt Brynne 

He loves his Aunt Briana

mmmm tacos...
Our massive quesadilla...we downed it like champs.

At the duck pond!
The extent of my fireworks experience. Aside from feeling like Harry Potter
for a moment, these go down in history as the suckiest sparklers ever. 

Que heart melting
My life
Our dearest friends the Daniels...excuse the blanket dress.

Our other dear friends--Chavis and Kara!

Anyone want a root beer from the car seat?

Curious little nugget 

Friendship summed up right here
...and here

Aunt Brynne helping Jude-man throw bread to the ducks :)

Again, we had an amazing time. I miss Rexburg. 

Oh, FYI, Jude finds us trying to get him to say "Da-da" hilarious. 


  1. i love his chubbiness! and i'm lovin that baby drool :)

  2. Jude, you have failed me! There was no surprise ending on this video. Next time, pee on your dad.

  3. yay for happy 4th's spent with sisters and friends!

    Cute baby plaid shorts, tacos, duck ponds, sparklers, kissy pics, and candid family photos (with Jude's big smile) are what good posts are made of ;)

    oh and that video of Jude laughing from Adam saying "da-da"...A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E


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