Friday, July 22, 2011


I'll leave you this weekend with some of the rest of the pics from my PA trip. It's a beautiful day, finally, and I want to go enjoy it! And if you live in the US right now, chances are your polyester shorts are sticking to your sweaty, unshaven thighs. Solution?--get away from the hot computer and jump into a cold pool with the rest of America--making it an awkwardly tepid pool. After, of course, looking at all my old photos. 

chicken and spinach cheesesteak. 

the women.

cheesesteak fries.
brother and son with brother's hat on a 101 degree walk.
parents' property.

deliriously hot child sleeping. 

parents' pear tree orchards.

Yum Yum's donuts. Say hello to fluffer-nutter in the top left and red velvet on the bottom left.
the look you get when listening to Beastie Boy on the way to workout.


  1. looks like you and your brother have a blast together :) That first picture cracked me up! And I loved the old-school diner feel where you had those DELICIOUS looking cheesesteak fries. oh and the fluffer nutter donut...YUM. i just may go make me a good ol' fluffer nutter sandwich right now (yep, my pantry is fully stocked with marshmallow creme. yowza).

    have a fun time at the pool!! if only i had a cool pool to relax in with my fluffer nutter. that'd be the life ;)

    PS - your parents have a pear tree orchard!!? how awesome is that :)

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  3. PPS - yes i've seen the turban head wraps and i'd love to get one! that link you sent has a fab one for sure :) And if you have a square silk scarf (or get one in the future), here's a super easy tutorial to do the head wrap like the one i wore to yellowstone :) ... exhibit A of why i'm tempted to get bangs.


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