Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Little 4 Month Old

Jude turned 4 months yesterday. I CANNOT believe Jude is already 4 months old! Doesn't it seem like last week that we were posting about him being 3 months? Crazy stuff. Since our camera is still out of commission, which breaks my heart literally everyday, I snapped a few photos of the little dude on photo booth during tummy time. It's so funny how he maneuvers his way around his play mat. As shown, Jude likes to scoot himself around and often gets an arm caught in the bars. Poor kid. That's when he screams for mommy. 


  1. what a little stud muffin :) seriously, those big blue eyes and those rolly-polly arms...i could eat him up. Happy 4 Months little Jude!


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