Monday, July 11, 2011

Cheryl's Progeny

Last Friday, Adam, Jude, and I went to Rexburg to surprise my bff, Natalie, for the 4th. My little sister, Brynne, goes to school at BYU-Idaho and my older sister, Briana, drove up from Salt Lake, so it was a great weekend with friends and family!
Considering the rather large amount of pictures taken, I'm going to take the next couple of posts to go over this trip.
Day 1: The Post-Dinner Twaddle
FYI, when the Burwell sisters are together there is bound to be some squirreliness. And that there was. Except this time instead of leaving with ridiculous videos of Brynne's most hilarious impressions and Briana's killer dance moves, it was all manifested in one super mentally defective photo shoot. 
With countless red eyes, terrible picture quality, and signature creeper looks, this goes into history as the most unattractive series of pictures since Lindsay Lohan's last court hearing. Harsh.
Here's the line-up. Eat your heart out. 
Briana. 27. SLC. Likes organic food and exotic men.
Aspires to be Justin Timberlake's #1 backup dancer. 

Britney. 22. WA. Likes Postum and Adam's lips.
Aspires to be Karl Lagerfeld's next "It Girl."

Brynne. 20. ID. Likes Oreos and creeping out little kids.
Aspires to be JLo's child separated at birth.

Oh yes, that's how we finish things. 


  1. y'all are certifiable. I love you.

  2. okay...i don't know if you understand how much i loved this post.

    had me giggling out loud by myself!!! (brooks is asleep, otherwise i asure you he'd be looking at me like, what's so funny?)

    the pictures are all hilarious! i have too many crazy, "ridiculously good looking" photos of corrie, celeste, and i...i should dig some up!

    oh...and more similarities we have (aside from loving sushi and wearing fake glasses) i LOVE postum! but sadly i thought they don't make it anymore, so Pero is what i go with...have you tried mixing it with milk, vanilla/hazelnut coffee mate, splenda, and ice to make a frappuccino?? SO GOOD. Oh, AND we both love our Adam's lips ;)

    sorry for the novel. hope you're doing wonderful britney, and can't wait to see more from your fun trip!

  3. that looks an awful lot like what happens when me and my sisters get together. glad to know we aren't the only ones that do some butt grabbing.


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