Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hey Jude

Hey Jude,

You're getting bigger, little one--you're going to be 4 months old tomorrow. I can't even believe it. Your little personality is so big now. Last night on our way back from a hot, marathon day of going to the farmer's market, swimming at the lake, and berry picking, mommy sat in the backseat with you to keep you company. Daddy played a song that mommy started singing to and you thought it was hilarious. I would sing, watch you laugh, then look away and pretend to have forgotten about the song, and then surprise you by singing it again. For the first time in your little life you showed mommy how adorably you giggle. She loved it! 
Know what else happened? 
After church today I changed your diaper and as soon as I wiped your little bum you couldn't stop giggling! Is that little, lumpy tush tigglish?? Oh, I hope so. 
I'm planning on finding new, innovative ways to keep you giggling. 
Know what else you do?
-You watch everything mommy does now. This afternoon, we made blueberry muffins together from the berries we picked yesterday and you seemed to follow along every step of the way. You were so curious about what we were making and I was so tempted to let you taste the final result. They're so yummy! 
-You also love music. Every time mommy or daddy sings to you you light up and smile. Sometimes you even sing along with us. While making our muffins this afternoon we listened to this song and you stayed quiet so you could listen to its sweet melody. You make us so happy.      
-Every morning when we wake up I'm excited for what new tricks you're going to learn and show me. You're so proud to show me new things too and often shout at me to come into the room to see what you're doing. 
-You're excited to see the world around you. You especially love trees and water, as long as it's warm. The other day when we sat in the pool together you fell asleep because you found the movement of the water so soothing. 
-At the beginning of last week you discovered your legs and feet. Now when you sit up you grab onto those chubby feet and hold yourself there. Daddy's favorite thing is when you lie on the floor, look up at your hands, clasp them together, and immediately shove them into your little mouth as far as you can. Mommy loves how she can give you something to play with and you'll sit happily on her lap as you discover it. It's so funny how you keep yourself entertained. 

Jude, you have big, bright blue eyes that light up with curiosity, excitement, and happiness. You're infectious to everyone around you. I love it when you're so excited that you can't even keep your eyes open or utter a sound, where the only thing you can muster is a delayed, high-pitched squeal. That's when I know that you're happy and joyful to be alive. You teach me how to be a better disciple of Christ every day and I will love you forever. 

Please don't turn around and grow up way too fast.  

Love always,

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  1. goodness girl, you know how to make another mother's heart skip a beat :) I absolutely loved reading every bit of your sweet letter to your baby boy. I can tell Jude brings so much joy into your home!

    HE LAUGHED!!! I can't think of a sound in the world that is better that a baby's laughter...oh, and it's only going to get better & happen more often! :)

    and i couldn't help but chuckle a bit when I read about him shoving those chubby little hands into that cute mouth of his!! heehee :)

    and the last line...from that amazing song you listened to while making blueberry muffins (wish I could've been baking with ya!)...SO SWEET :)


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