Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's about time…

Hello to the readers of A Private Tour. For months now my wife Britney Stevens has been writing to enlighten and influence your lives. Also, for the last few months she has been asking me to write a post in her blog. The Husband. I've been putting it off for some time now but I finally am buckling down and writing a post. About what you say? I still have no idea. I don't consider myself a skilled writer; that is why I avoided writing this post. I thought it would be nice though for me to tell you some things I enjoy about my family.

I love when I come home from work and find Britney baking some extremely delicious treat because she's bored and Jude laughing to himself as he plays on the floor.

I love having movie nights with my wife after Jude falls asleep.

I love how much my wife cares what I eat so I will stay healthy.

I love when Jude blows bubbles with his mouth.

I love Jude's fatness.

I love when Britney get nervous to call someone on the phone because she just feels awkward on the phone for no reason.

So those are a few of the many things that I love in my everyday life. Hope you enjoyed. I am also including in this post a new illustration I've done called, "The Fox jumps…" Enjoy.

Click THIS for a larger version.

1 comment:

  1. loved this :) you're a great writer adam! and those are some pretty sweet things you wrote guys are such a cute family!!! goodness, i wished we lived closer.

    favorites from your list:
    - britney the baker and baby Jude laughing :)
    - "jude's fatness"...i tell ya, the chubbier, the better :)
    - and i'm totally like britney! my adam about dies every time I screen a call just cause i want to hear they're voicemail so i'm prepared to talk with them. lol

    And great illustration! can't wait to see you little boy's room after it's all deced out in your art :)

    i need my adam to follow suit and write a post!


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