Friday, July 15, 2011

Wrap It Up

Ok let's wrap this up…Jude's teething.
Natalie, Maggie, Brynne, Jude, and I went to the splash park in Rexburg. OH the splash park…lots of great memories of lying out, getting hit on, getting soccer balls kicked at me while lying out… 
He enjoyed it up until some older kids 
splashed water on him. I'd be mad too. 
I stopped by the nursing lab and saw these two beauties--Catherine and Jessica!
We stopped at Sammy's on the way out to get pumpkin pie and blackberry cheesecake milkshakes. Go ahead and drool on your keyboard.  
Aunt Brynne came too. She got the Reese's milkshake.
Yes, I tried some. Yes, they just throw crap-loads of Reese's in there. 

Jude tried this out at Matt and Kim's and he got to take it home.
Lucky nugget.
p.s. You'd think he was manning the Millenial Falcon in this thing. He takes it very seriously. 
When we got home, Jude swam for the first time.
Basically, we dipped his foot in and he screamed.
We've got a real fighter on our hands. 

Then again, if I was this tired, I would maul whoever tried to put me in a cold pool. 


  1. Again, so fun to see you this summer. I can't wait until I can have adventures like this with my baby :)

  2. loved this :) looks like you guys had a stellar time up in the Burg :) i hope to make a trip up before the summer's over...and hitting up the splash pad is a must! (LOVE your suit by the way!) And oh Sammy's...they do shakes right. reminds me i want to have a pie-shake party. i've just got to experiment my shake-making abilities ;)


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