Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Like To Go Fast

Day 2: Jude Likes to Move
I FINALLY video-taped Jude doing this during our trip to Rexburg. Back when I was in PA visiting my family, my dad decided that Jude didn't want to just lie on the floor on his back or belly, but that he wanted to be up on his feet walking. So, my dad picked Jude up, stood him on the kitchen table, and taught him how to move those chubby legs. So all credit for Dad Burwell for this new trick he's been doing for over a month! Jude gets a major kick out of it--usually he takes a step or two, stops, looks up at me, smiles, and squeals like a little girl...or a baby boy. 

Think he'll get complacent doing this or want to start walking soon?


  1. so cute! he is getting bigger and bigger!

  2. i love it! he's like a baby prodigy :)

    oh, and that rug. FABULOUS.


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