Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zoo With Boo

Hey Jude,
I took you on your first trip to the zoo. We went with Nana, Uncle Matt and Aunt Kim, and your cousins Paris, Vienna, and Talmadge. I must say that this trip was just as momentous for me as it was for you. See, Mom hasn't been to the zoo since her kindergarten class went on a field trip to the big one in Philadelphia. And even then, all she remembers is eating animal crackers and throwing a penny in the wishing well, wishing with all of her little girl heart and little boy-like hair that Reid Carrescia would like her. SO, seeing lions, seals, and elephants was a thrill for Mom. 
We saw a tiger with stripes...
...and you wore your tiger one-sie with stripes.
We went on a train around the zoo...
...and you drooled on Mommy's chest the whole time.
But then you woke up...and we saw lots of other animals together.
You hung out with Aunt Kim...
...And even Nana...
...and then we all gorged ourselves on elephant ears.

It was a great day.
Next time:
We'll do it with Daddy. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh i love it! How fun that it was kind of a first for you too! :) Loved all the photos...Jude is getting cuter and chubbier with every post!

    Gets me excited for a trip to the zoo I'm planning with my sisters-in-law and their kiddos :)


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