Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

I started following a beautiful blog called The lovely lady that writes it has a weekly post called, "Wednesday Wishes." 
What are my Wednesday Wishes?

1. A Big, White Kitchen
I love food, remember? I want my kitchen to be the favorite room of the house. I want my kids to sit at school and dream about all the yummy things I'm making in this kitchen. Plus, coming from very strong English ancestry, we need an awesome kitchen to have late night tea and cookies in. I think I'll have Adam install a stereo system too. 
2. More Cool Artwork 
Even though my husband's a designer, we still need more cool stuff to throw on our wall. This one I found at I love NY. I spent some great time in the city before I got married and we were married in the temple there. So, this piece would have special meaning. Plus, it's just cool.

3. A freaking NY slice.
Anytime I even mention NY I get hungry. For pizza. We actually found a place in Vancouver that's run by someone from Jersey. It's pretty legit. I attracted their attention because we went there all the time when I was massively pregnant. So often, in fact, that they offered us a free giant pizza for when after Jude was born. These people will go down in history as my heros. I can never repay them for satisfying those hardcore cravings. Come visit and we'll take you there!
4. Pinkberry
Crap, now you've got me started on food. You know those frozen yogurt places you're all in love with? They're all mocks of Pinkberry. IT IS HEAVENLY. And regrettably only in California, NY, and oddly, Denver. Vanilla with strawberries and bananas is my favorite. The first time I took Adam there he took one bite, looked down at his spoon, and seriously said, "This is the best dessert I've ever had." Too bad I eat it for lunch whenever I'm there. 
-and last, but certainly not least-
5. Nude Pumps
One of my greatest friends is getting married in a few weeks and Adam and I are making the trip back east for it for me to be a bride's maid. I'm so honored! The dress is a matte brown, and floor length--so unless I want to trip on my dress while walking down the aisle, I need a killer pair of these pumps. Think that's a convincing-enough argument for Adam? 

What are your wishes?  


  1. love nude pump and i love your blog! you are a great writer. i'm glad you guys really liked the cake! :)

  2. Uh. I want ALL of your wishes! The kitchen is adorable, there is NOTHING better than NY Pizza (or an NY pretzel), and that art is SO amazing

  3. hey i have a pair of these pumps from charlotte russe.
    they're no louboutins, but they're really hawt and not tooooo uncomfy. :)

    but i'd say one of my wishes right now would be a delish cheescake.

  4. Such cute shoes I've never had Pinkberry yet, but we just got one down the road! I love your blog :)

  5. These are all so fun to read! If you guys are making your way out East, let. us. know. I've been hearing about NY pizza so much and I really wanna get my nom nom on, but we need a good friend who knows where the grub is at. ;)

  6. reading about how you want your kids to be daydreaming about what you're cooking and creating made me smile :) I'm with ya on that one!

    and i have yet to try pink berry...heard it's ridiculously good. Orange Leaf is 3 blocks away from us, so that's what curbs my fro-yo cravings for now :)

    and i checked out the pumps that alyssa mentioned...THEY ARE AMAZING and not much mulah... :) How exciting you're going to be in your friend's wedding! Can't wait to hear about how that trip goes!

    My wish today would be to have more hours in the day...cliche, but true. :)


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