Tuesday, May 17, 2011


You'll have to excuse the total lack of posting. Between blogger being down and this crazy weekend, blogging's definitely been put on the cold back-burner. 
Why was this weekend crazy?
All of Adam's family was finally together for Jude's blessing on Sunday. 
WHAT a momentous occasion. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. All weekend the Spirit was so strong, testifying of the sacredness and eternal nature of family. Adam gave a beautiful blessing and Jude couldn't have been more calm or cute. I know that for me, having a beautiful child and consecrating him to the very being that so lovingly sent him to us is the greatest thing I have ever done. And it definitely felt like the greatest thing I could ever do. 
SO, Saturday night we had a DELICIOUS dessert soiree with some very close friends and family and, like I said, Sunday was the blessing. 
Pictures? Sorry, there's only a few. It was a crazy weekend. 
Beautiful Amanda
Gorgeous Mindie and Kim 
All the siblings out to dinner (w/out the kids!)
Jude's dessert soiree. He wanted a little somethin-somethin' too. 
Dirty face...yes I  bathe my child.

Chillin with Papa

It WAS a happy blessing day
Our great friends, Phil and Jessica

Family and friends


  1. What a beautiful and special weekend filled with lots of fun,laughs, and cute cute kids...


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