Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Before and After

Our good friend Jennifer Bunnell took our maternity and newborn pictures a little while ago and on Mother's Day she stopped by to drop off the finished results. She did SUCH an awesome job! I will definitely cherish these pictures. And holy heck does Jude look so different now! Little chub. Please pardon the picture overload...and the awkwardly fat pregnant lady. 
Thoughts during photo shoot: 
Britney: "Don't look fat, don't look fat, dont look fat..."
Adam: "Do we have to do this? Is she in labor yet? I really want a week off of work..."

OMG my belly was MASSIVE


Jude's sailboat

Snuggling in Adam's blessing blanket

Love that dimple!

Jude and "Charlie" his giraffe 

Grandma and Jude
Thoughts during photo shoot:
Britney: "Keep Jude from crying. Why is Jude crying? Gosh, I really need to vacuum this carpet..."
Jude: "I'm tired. I'm hungry. This is stupid. I need a diaper change..."


  1. CUTE!!!! He looks like a cute little old man in his sweater, I love it!!! You are always gorgeous Britney, you have nothing to worry about!

  2. LOVE THESE! Are you are, well were, the most gorgeous pregnant woman ever! You look, looked, AMAZING! And Jude is the cutest little guy ever!!! He makes me want to have a son. Keep the pictures coming, PLEASE!

  3. Britney love these pics! so glad you were able to do the Maternity pics they turned out AMAZING! absolutely LOVE the pic of Jude with the sail boat in Black and White!!! I just them all and especially love love that cute little dimple. You look amazing and gorgeous you pretty little mommy!!

  4. such precious photos...you must treasure them :)

    Jude's little knit outfit and booties are too cute!! And how sweet that you guys have a blanket of Adam's when he was a wee one :)


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