Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday {Part 1}

I love Sydney from The Daybook. I remember coming across her blog and being like, "Ok, she's skinny and she's modest. No skinny girl is ever modest unless she's Mormon." And that she was. And then I recognized some areas where she took pictures and realized that she was a student at BYU-Idaho just like me! Adam totally knows her from design classes. Or at least that's what he says. Anyway, she's got a weekly segment called Awkward and Awesome Thursday and I thought I'd join in.
-Little man woke up sucking on my shirt where my milk-filled boobs used to be. 
-Husband's morning goodbye kisses while I'm still in bed. "I'm pretty sure she hasn't brushed her teeth yet. Should I risk it and go for the lips, or play it safe and bypass to the cheek?"
-When the little dude wets the bed in the middle of the night. " bout I just change you and we don't tell Daddy."
-When a very big, creepy man stops me on my way out of Winco. "Miss? MISS?!...uh, yeah?...Wanna hear a joke?...No sir, no I don't."
-The fact that Adam and I are sharing a razor. You didn't know that hunny, did you? 
-When husband showers at night and realizes after getting dressed that the blinds in our room were never shut. Well HELLO there!
-When a lady holding a baby smaller than Jude says, "Oh, I remember when she was that small." ..."Uh, how old is she?"..."4 months." --like I said, the kid likes his milk. 
-Jude's loud blowouts in church. "I swear it wasn't me."
-When a stranger asks to hold my child. "Uh..sure..what are you gunna do with him?"
-Adam and I doing P90X. "Umm..hun?...seeing as we don't have a pull-up bar I'm going to have to improvise with your arms..."
-During little man's bath I tried to sit him up to wash his back. He instead insisted on completely standing up. "...okaayy...or that..."
-Adam and I made sploosh last night. I will make a post about this amazing stuff later. 
-We also snuggled and watched the Disney animated version of Robyn Hood. 
-We're going to Philadelphia in a few weeks! I am getting the nastiest cheesesteak ever.
-Jude-bug let me take a long shower this morning while he played on the floor AND he's sleeping at this very moment in his swing. Guess who's waking up to a fresh, warm bottle?
-I start clinical at Southwest Medical Center this fall!
-I'm 10 lbs. from my pre-preggo weight. Don't know what I'm gunna do about the overly-stretched skin tho...
-Pizza date night this Saturday. Family date night, that is. 
-Adam's letting me get new pumps for my friend's wedding. He scored big time. 
-Jude now imitates sounds we make. It's hilarious. Videos to come. 
-Adam also gets off early on Friday and has all Monday off too = looonnggg family weekend!

What makes you awkward and awesome?


  1. You are hilarious. Milk filled boobs haha. This is so exciting. So many fun things going on with you guys.


  2. Haha I remember the Sydney glad she finally posted another awkward and awesome!

  3. ha! loved this :)

    there's been a time when i didn't "change and tell" either ;) lol

    goodness i miss winco and the crazies, err, unique people that loitered around that place.

    my Adam and I totally share a razor too! except it's mine ;)

    Can't wait to hear about sploosh!!! oh the possibilities of what that could be...

    YES to long showers, and YES to new shoes!!

    and yay for this fall! :) what exactly is entailed in doing clinicals?

    Happy 3 1/2 day weekend to yoU!! :)

  4. PS - that cracked me up when you told me you legitimately burned yourself with curling iron ;) i'm surprised i haven't done that yet! Good thing we're both married so whether it's a curling iron or not, it's all "legal". teehee!


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