Thursday, May 19, 2011


Jude likes to sleep on his belly.
Jude also likes to sleep on the couch.
= Jude likes to sleep on his belly on the couch.
Jude is also an impressively strong kid. 
= Somehow during his 10 minute routine of waking himself up, Jude shimmied his way to the edge of the couch and rolled off. 
Mom heard the screaming from the other room. 
= Mom feels like a really bad Mom. 
Thankfully, our apartment is covered in shag carpet, and Jude fell on his back on the shag rug we have on top of the shag carpet. But, Mom still felt awful. So, Jude went to see the Doc, just to make sure everything was a-okay. 
As a nurse, it's easy for me to pick up on doctors being condescending. This particular pediatrician, who isn't Jude's regular one, was a biznatch. FLAT OUT. The kind where you almost wish you had 6 inch nails just so you could scratch that I'm-so-superior-to-you-it-hurts look off their face. 
Woah. Violent. 
Anyway, she called my boy fat. 
Oh, no you didn't. 
She said I was probably overfeeding him because at two months he's almost doubled his birth weight. 
Big whoop. My boy likes his milk. 
But of course, Mom left feeling like a bad Mom all over again. "You're overfeeding him." 
It's okay though. Jude actually had his two month check the next day and his REAL pediatrician got everything squared away. 
Words of encouragement:
"You can't overfeed him at this age." 
"He looks great!"
"That particular pediatrician is gung-ho about BMI. Don't listen to her. She's crazy."                   - noted.
-and my personal favorite-
"Don't beat yourself up. You're doing great!"
And once I thought I was on top of my game, that my little boy was healthy and feeling fine, I was shown a long list of vaccines he needed today.
I wish I could say he took it well. But he really didn't. His face turned purple, he cried harder than ever, and I felt just awful. Again. 
So we went home. And one big empty bottle with a dose of cherry Tylenol later, my boy collapsed in Mommy's arms. 
Rough two days, champ. We love you. 


  1. Jude is a trooper. And a stud muffin. And wayyy better looking than that pediatrician's face. I don't even know how she looks like, but Jude is much more handsome than a jerk face. Oh, and I think you're a fanfreakingtastic mom.

  2. Poor little guy, shots are the worst. :(

    And I hate how awful you can feel after talking to someone about your baby no matter who it is that says an inconsiderate thing. We moms are hard enough on ourselves I'm pretty sure without others telling us things we don't really want to hear. You are a great mother, I'm sure of it Britney. :)

  3. ummmmm i am pretty sure babies are SUPPOSED to double their birth weight by 2 months. what a nut job.

  4. i hate how different doctors tell you different things when it comes to taking care of your baby. as of right now, i'm actually pretty confused as to what i should do with certain things with everton. i think you're AWESOME. so that's good to know you can't overfeed them.

  5. I'm so glad Jude was okay...little babies are this amazing mix of being delicate and super strong! :) And I know how you felt...Brooks has fallen off our couch and our bed...crushed me.

    And Britney, My blood was boiling as I read about that first doctor that you dealt with...makes you feel bad for her regular patients eh? We changed pediatricians after the first couple felt so good to then be with a doctor who truly cared about Brooks and was uplifting and encouraging of me as a new mama! I'm glad your doctor told you that you can't over feed him...the chubbier the better right!? :)

    That photo is so, so and snuggles from mom fix everything :)

  6. Shots are the worst, Devon has to come with me because I about start being hysterical before they even poke Ashlyn. So yeah, totally understand. And some doctors just don't get it, its so frustrating.

  7. You are so cute! First thing I ever learned was that Doctors don't know everything! Also, you learn to go with your gut as a mommy and wont beat yourself up all the time. Brook was "a fat" baby and Mason was too skinny. Every child is different so I learned to smile and nod at the docs. It made me crack a smile at the falling off the couch story. Cause can I just tell ya, been there! done that! falling off of couches, down the stairs, and my newest mishap was whem Mason fell off the bunk bed and had to get two staples in his head. (scarey!)
    Think of it as a right of passage...every kid gets bumps and bruses along the way. As long as mommy is there to pick him up you are all right. :-)


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