Monday, May 9, 2011

FHE at the Stevens'

Tonight was Jude's first family home evening. Well, the first one he was awake for. 
We learned, coincidentally, about becoming a little child and Jude had his first lesson about Jesus. 
And then we had cookies and milk. Jude got a death grip on one of those things--but don't worry--Adam did his job by snatching the treat from his chubby baby hands and immediately scarfing it down in front of him. Poor kid's eyes never looked so disappointed. Sorry to leave you out of the fun, little dude. Don't worry: you'll become just as pre-diabetic as your parents soon enough. 
We like cookies. 
I'm pretty sure we ate all of them. (Pardon the blurry baby. He wouldn't stop squirming.)

You know you're a fatty when you have to get up to get a milk refill more than twice during a cookies and milk soiree. 
And that we are. 


  1. love it such a great thing to start as a baby wish we would have done that. Don't worry Grandpa will give him his first taste of chocolate "it's coming soon Jude" hahaha...I can't believe how fast he is growing love that boy

  2. loved. this. post.

    What a sweet FHE!! i love that picture of Christ and that baby. I'm sure your little Jude felt a familiar spirit as you taught him of Jesus :)

    And yay for cookies and milk! those photos of Adam and Jude are too cute :)

    PS - i'm the type that brings that gallon of milk with me to the table. easy re-fill. now THAT'S sad. haha ;)

  3. I absolutely love that piture of Christ.


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